Urban Houses

Collage on wood. Ottawa Houses – Sky Blue, 9"x12" $80.00 CAN

Mixed media on canvas,image transfer, Coffee,10"x10"
$80.00 CAN

Collage on wood,image transfer, Glebe Red Door, 10"x10"
$80.00 CAN

Collage on canvas, image transfer,
Glebe in the Fall, 10"x10"
$ 80.00 CAD

Collage on Wood, Cycle, 9"x12"
$85.00 CAD

Collage on canvas, Lime with purple house, 12"x12"
$90.00 CAN

Collage on wood, Vintage Glebe Brown, 8"x10"
$75.00 CAD

Collage on wood, Glebe Vintage, 10"x10"

Collage on Wood, image transfer 6"x6"

Collage on wood, image transfer, Storefronts 6"x6"
$45.00 CAD

Collage on wood, image transfer, Urban Living, 10"x10" $80.00 CAN

Mixed media on wood block finished on all sides, not a wall hanging, Grey Roof, 4"x5" $35.00 CAN


All original art. Collage on wood and canvas. Image transfer, paper, paint, marker and recycled paper. All of the images were taken by myself in Ottawa Ontario. I layer al sorts of paper, paint and marker until i achieve the desired look. Part of the fun is exploring urban areas to inspire my city art.